Software Development Magazine

A great magazine for anyone involved in software development. They merged with Dr. Dobb's in May 2006.

Scott Ambler was a contributing editor and their editorial board included:

Some Great Articles

Title Author Issue
A Spare Start Scott Ambler 2005/08
One Week with the Gurus (Jerry Weinberg) 2005/07
Agile Risks / Agile Rewards Preston G. Smith & Roman Pichler 2005/04
The Tipping Point: Stability and Instability in OO Design Robert C. Martin 2005/03
Benefits of the Build Kirk Knoernschild
One Size Fits None Scott Ambler
Save Your Job Howard Adamsky 2005/01
Managing That Millstone Michael Feathers
Feedback (on workplace mobbing) readers' comments 2004/12
Once Piece at a Time Scott Ambler
Open Source, Cold Shoulder Michelle Levesque & Greg Wilson 2004/11
Less Is More Scott Ambler
Facing the Mob Alexandra Weber Morales 2004/10
It's Not the Rules Robert C. Martin
The Creative Manager Alistair Cockburn 2004/09
Find Your Voice Warren Keuffel
Free as in Freedom John Ravella & Rosalyn Lum 2004/03
Persona Power Matt Stephens
Measuring Maturity Mary Poppendieck 2004/02
PERT: Precursor to Agility Robert C. Martin
The Flexible Factory Clemens Szyperski & David G. Messerschmitt 2003/12
Consumate Coaches conference coverage
The Bottom Line Robert C. Martin
Aspects: The Missing Link Ivar Jacobson 2003/11
Proff Positive Scott Ambler
The Case for Aspects Ivar Jacobson 2003/10
Future Fixes Johanna Rothman
Agility for Executives Scott Ambler 2003/09
Monocultural Mania Alexandra Weber Morales 2003/08
Morphing The Mold Mary Poppendieck
Multitasking Overhead Johanna Rothman
So You Want to Be a Requirements Analyst? Karl Wiegers 2003/07
Extreme Testing Scott Ambler 2003/06
Errant Architectures Martin Fowler 2003/04
Outsourcing Examined Scott Ambler
Traking a Test Drive Alexandra Weber Morales 2003/03
Right Game, Wrong Team Joshua Kerievski & III
Something's Gotta Give Scott Ambler
The Thought Police Warren Keuffel
Geekcorps Wants You! Laurie O'Connell 2003/02
Leveraging Expertise Warren Keuffel
Pardon Sisyphus Johanna Rothman
Shaking Off the "Shoulds" Johanna Rothman 2003/01
XML Abuse Gregor Hohpe 2002/12
All the Right Questions Scott Ambler
Expert-in-Earshot Warren Keuffel
Channeling Change Sue Petersen 2002/11
Beyond Tool Use Johanna Rothman 2002/10
Proactive Testing Robin Goldsmith & Dorothy Graham 2002/09
Bridging the Distance Scott Ambler
The Fragile Manifesto Scott Ambler 2002/08
Does Agility Work? Jim Highsmith 2002/06
Managing for Results Johanna Rothman
Get Test-Inoculated! Wes Isberg and the AspectJ team 2002/05
Wicked Problems Mary Poppendieck
Stop Over-Engineering! Joshua Kerievsky 2002/04
Extending the Benefits of Prototyping Todd Tieger 2002/03
Enlightened Java Style Jeff Langr
Easy Does It Scott Ambler
Games Programmers Play Alistair Cockburn 2002/02
Tips for Passing the Baton Johanna Rothman
Practice, Schmactice! Norman Himes 2002/01
With Security and Justice for All Laurie O'Connell 2001/12
The Agile Manifesto Martin Fowler & Jim Highsmith 2001/08
Debunking Modeling Myths Scott Ambler
Who Needs Napster? Judith Lewis 2001/07
The Power of a Unifying View Bertrand Meyer 2001/06
Methodological Agility Larry Constantine
Lean Programming, part 2 Mary Poppendieck
Is Open Source for You? Rick Wayne 2001/05
Lean Programming, part 1 Mary Poppendieck
Is Design ... Dead? Martin Fowler 2001/04
A Closer Look at Extreme Modeling Scott Ambler
Executive Toys Larry Constantine
Successful Robustness Analysis Kendall Scott & Doug Rosenberg 2001/03
A Roadmap for Software Test Engineering Len DiMaggio 2001/02
Managing Creative Input Larry Constantine
Driving Design: The Problem Domain Kendall Scott & Doug Rosenberg 2001/01
Modeling Web-Tier Components Jim Conallen
Put Your Process on a Diet Martin Fowler 2000/12
Getting Out of the Software Mud Pit Steve Adolph
Extreme Modeling Scott Ambler 2000/11