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Jean Tessier @ AT&T

I worked at AT&T in Holmdel, NJ and Menlo Park, CA, from 1995 until 2000.

In Holmdel, NJ, I shared an office with a coworker. When I moved to Menlo Park, CA, I shared a small room with two other people before finally getting my own office. It had a door that I could close (but not lock). Here is a picture of me in that office in Menlo Park, CA.

Me in my office.

In Holmdel, NJ, none of the offices had windows. In Menlo Park, CA, pretty much all the offices had a window, except for the small room I occupied upon my arrival. This was the view from my window in Menlo Park, CA. It opened on the courtyard in the middle of the building which had a water fountain in the center.

View out the window.

In New Jersey, I had to drive to work. There was a lot of parking space around the building.