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Jean Tessier @ Directly

I worked at Directly in San Francisco, CA (and briefly in Palo Alto, CA), from December 2010 until October 2019.

In Palo Alto, we're squatting the offices of Cyanogen Inc, the company behind CyanogenMod. They were kind enough to let us use a few desks in their Palo Alto office.

Before that, we were squatting the offices of ROI DNA in San Francisco, CA. Their CEO, Matt Querie, goes back a long time with Antony and Jeff. The first office was just around the corner from my old office back at Epicentric. It was nice to rediscover the old neighborhood. But then ROI DNA decided to move so they could expand and had us move with them. Remember the dark basement, back at Epicentric? Yep, that's were they went next. Ten years later and my desk had moved twenty feet. Only now, the basement had been fully remodeled. Our suite was half the basement (the half with the windows) and the new paint made it a lot brighter.

Entrance My pod Overall office

When I started with Directly, I used the same development platform I had at ShopWell: a MacBook Pro laptop with a 24" monitor and Amazon EC2. The monitor I used at ShopWell I had bought with my own money, so I took it back with me when I left. And I managed to buy my laptop back from them, which I then used at Directly. So it was the actual same hardware. :-)

Since then, I've upgraded to a MacBook Pro with retina display and a 27" monitor. The laptop uses SSD instead of a spinning hard disk, so it is really fast and really quiet.

Shortly after we moved to Palo Alto, CA, my bicycle got stolen when I locked it on a public bike rack right outside the office. I had to get a new bike and Clovis and I built a custom bike rack so I can keep it safe in the office.

Custom bike stand New bike on stand