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Jean Tessier @ Vignette

Portrait de Jean Tessier

I worked at Epicentric in San Francisco, CA starting in 2000. It was acquired by Vignette in late 2002 and I left in 2004.

When I joined Epicentric, the Engineering department was in a bullpen in a bunker. I liked the bullpen - everyone was close by - but hated the bunker. We soon moved to a cube farm in a dark basement, but it was an improvement over the bunker. Finally, we moved to an upper floor of a modern office building, in a cube farm with low walls. Not quite the openess of the bullpen, but still quite nice. Here are two incarnations my desk in San Francisco, CA.

Desk configuration 1 Desk configuration 2

The bunker had no window and the basement only had a few at street level. Very few of the desks could see outside. Their current facilities have nice windows all around and are very well lit. This was the view from my window in San Francisco, CA. It showed the Ferry Building, the San Francisco Bay, and the Bay Bridge in the back.

Ferry Building and Bay Bridge

At Vignette, I got to lock my bike in the basement, near the garbage compactor. At LinkedIn and Google, I can leave my bike in the building, close by from my desk.

Bike car on Caltrain Bike locker at One Market Str New bike