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Jean Tessier @ home

New Jersey

In New Jersey, I could see New York City from my apartment's living room.

In New Jersey, my home office was in a spare bedroom at first, until my first child was born. The office was then moved to a corner of the living room.

View of NYC out the window


In California, I rent a three bedroom house with a yard in a quiet suburb.

My house My neighborhood

At first, the two kids were in one bedroom, which left one for my home office again. My dad had made the desk custom for the New Jersey living room, but it fit perfectly in the new bedroom.

Big home office

But with the new baby, I had to move my office to the unused end of the laundry room, move the kids to where my office had been, and turn their old room into the nursery. My dad's custom desk didn't quite fit, so I had leave out one section.

Small home office

Then, one fine morning, I finally received my new Alienware Area-51 machine.

Alienware in boxes Vincent excited by Alienware New Alienware computer New Alienware and old HP side-by-side Uncluttered desktop with flatscreen monitor

Before and after images.

Old office with HP computer New office with Alienware computer

This was my setup during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and I had to work from home. My daughter is away in college and my home office is back in the now spare bedroom. That's a guest bed in the picture, not my actual bed that I actually sleep in. The downside is that every time we have visitors, I have to give up my office.

Pandemic home office panorama Pandemic home office

When my daughter came back home after college, I was sent back to the laundry room.

Pandemic home office, laundry edition