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Jean Tessier @ Google

Portrait de Jean Tessier wearing a Noogler's beanie

I worked at Google in Mountain View, CA, from 2005 until 2009.

Google entrance

At Google, I started next door from the CEO. Literally, we shared a wall. He was alone in his office, I shared mine with four other developers (we had the larger corner office). Mine's the one with the welcome balloons, facing the window.

Desk configuration 1

Later, we were moved a few doors down the hall and some other team got to brag about being next to the CEO. I got a window seat, again.

Desk configuration 2
View from second desk

The workstation is top notch, with two 24" flatscreen monitors. Multi-headed monsters rule!

Desk configuration 3

Things are mobile at Google and I'm back in a bullpen, and loving it.

During my commute with Caltrain, I snatched this nice sunset picture one evening at the Mountain View station.

Sunset over Mountain View Caltrain station